Elect Jim Hubbard Cherokee County Commissioner District 2

March 25, 2016

The election is over
Less than 18% of the people bothered to vote.


First I want to thank all those who helped with my campaign for Cherokee County Commissioner. We ran a good
clean race when so many of those around us were slinging mud like professionals. We had a good message, and
I thought we had spread it throughout the district, but the people stayed home. This 17% turnout was the lowest I
can remember. I don't know if it was the National Politics, or the absolute flood of negative mailers and robo calls,
but the bulk of the people just stayed home. They voted against us by staying home, and they will be sitting in the
traffic with the rest of us.

So, where do we go from here? We still need to stop the cities from the carnage they are inflicting on our county.
I hope the homeowners groups around Hickory Flat will continue to work with the sitting Commissioner to change
the free hand the cities have in annexation.

It's been a good ride. I'm proud of the things I accomplished while I was in office, and as an activist, but maybe
it's time to get off the roller coaster and enjoy some retirement.

I hope you will work together to Save Cherokee!

In the last 12 years Jim worked for and supported:


Responsible Growth

Public Safety

   Follow the Land Use Plan    Additional officers and public safety personnel
   Protect the rights of the landowners, the neighbors, and the schools.    Replacement fire stations in Clayton & Lake Arrowhead
   Compatible zoning to protect citizens in rapidly growing areas    Equipment including Ladder Truck and& SWAT Team vehicles
   Commercial design, landscape and sign standards    Upgrade emergency alert sirens
   Protested undesirable land uses    Better utilization of volunteer firefighters

Fiscal Responsibility

Attracting Quality Jobs

   Limited spending in these troubled times!    Department of Economic Development funding
   Limited mileage reimbursement for Commissioners    Airport expansion and Terminal Building
  Incentivised retirement to prevent layoffs   New opportunity zones

Maintaining the Quality of Cherokee Living

Environmental Protection

   Regulations to prevent extended stay hotels    Stream buffer protection
   Ordinance to keep big box stores away from schools    Tree protection and preservation ordinance for new development
   Road impact fee on commercial developments    Soil erosion and sedimentation ordinance to protect watershed
   Maintenance of historic Courthouse    Protection of the Etowah River and Lake Allatoona
   Initiatives on Illegal Immigrants    Tightening the Conservation Subdivision Ordinance
   Building code for child safety at swimming pool  
   Children's shelter and Boys and Girls Club   
   Strengthened zero tolerance drug policy for employees